A very belated happy 2014!

Erm, holy crap?! Where has the time gone. I just looked at this site and thought "oh it can't be that long since I did a post" - how wrong am I. Eight months since I last updated, I suck!

In my defence, I've been rather busy. Being a first time new dad, acting as day to day editor for a popular rock and metal website, contributing and helping to run another rock and metal website, trying to get a business off the ground, changing my full time job, contributing back to the Drupal community and all of that has to be fit in around the day-to-day stuff of which being a Dad takes up a large portion of time!

I have actually written various posts for this website in that time period, but have been so busy I've never got round to posting them - which is rather silly but that's just the way it's gone. I'll try and get them up in the next few days and redress the balance somewhat.

For now, a very belated happy 2014 and let's see if I can make good on my promise to be a bit more regular with the updates.

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